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As a result of the development of our business, the company is now facing the following personnel:

1. Sales Manager

Post duties:

1, to be conscientious and responsible for the work, with a sense of responsibility and strong execution.

2. Love the job, obey the company arrangement, have the team spirit, and be honest.

3, responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;

4, according to the marketing plan, complete the Department Sales Index;

5, open up new market, develop new customers to recruit the front desk staff, increase the range of product sales

Job requirements

1. It is responsible for the collection of market information in the jurisdiction and the analysis of competitors.

2. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area and completing the sales task.

3, management and maintenance of customer relations and long-term strategic cooperation between customers.

Two. Office clerk

Post duties:

1. to receive and transfer the telephone; to receive visitors.

2. responsible for the secretarial, information, confidential and confidential work of the office, and do a good job of collecting and collating the office files.

3. responsible for the clean and sanitary of the general manager's office.

4. make a summary of the meeting.

5. responsible for the distribution of documents, letters, mail, newspapers and magazines.

6. is responsible for the sending and receiving of fax parts.

7. be responsible for the storage of the office warehouse, and do the registration of the items in the warehouse.

Job requirements:

1. manage the staff file materials well, establish and improve the management of personnel files, and strictly borrow files.

2. monthly attendance and financial account record.

3. manage all kinds of office property, rationally use and improve the use efficiency of property, and promote frugality.

4. accept other temporary jobs.

The interested person is asked to come to the company for an interview.

Contact: Ms. Yang: 13809402232

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