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Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe: application of FRP

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Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe: application of FRP

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Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe: application of FRP

Sculpture mold: through the first production of glass and steel sculpture mold, to produce glass and steel products to meet the needs of people in the actual production and life.

1. Guizhou fiberglass cable tube glassy steel sculpture plaster mold

The gypsum model points are heat-resistant, low price, small thermal conductivity and good copy. It is usually used to make the mother mold. It is convenient for manufacturing and suitable for large products. But not durable, afraid of impact, drying slowly. It is used for a single product and a complex line product, such as relief. The gypsum used is mostly half water gypsum, that is, plaster of plaster. As with the cement mold, the brick and wood can be used as the skeleton base, and then the plaster layer is made. In order to improve rigidity and prevent cracks, plaster can be added enough fillers, such as quartz, can reduce shrinkage and crack, add cement (gypsum: cement =7:3) to increase strength. Some people also put forward the use of gypsum to add a proper amount of latex, water dilution to make the mold, the strength is good, no powder and so on. Plaster mold can be used as the mother mold of low melting point alloy mould and cast alloy in hot state. When plaster mold is used to make plaster cast (sub mold), the surface of mother die should be coated with separating agent, such as potassium soap solution, transformer oil, edible oil, 20% stearic acid ten 80% kerosene, or gasoline ten Vaseline. Available with pen dipped in plaster mold gypsum powder repair. The drying process of gypsum mold is: (60~120) C / (4~5) L, after natural cooling, it is lightly polished with metallographic sandpaper, and then baked (100~150) C / (8~10) L, (200~230) C / (20~24) L.

Two, Guizhou fiberglass cable tube glassy steel sculpture rubber mold

General rubber mold with silicone rubber, polyurethane resin production, for the production of other complicated relief carvings and a variety of shapes, is not used alone, and shall be composed of gypsum mould and other materials, usually used for mold for linear or overlapping but not directly into the mold of a part, because it has a soft, when the outer mold parting, it can be pulled out, such as the lion and the Dragon animal or Bodhisattva, cartoon characters. When the batch is not large, use this method.

Three, Guizhou FRP cable pipe glass steel sculpture stone wax

The paraffin membrane is used for products with small number or complex line type and not easy to die out. For example, to create an integral pipe, including 90 degree bend, available two elbow Bhave mold, including 90 degrees fill cavity of paraffin, remove Bhave mold, paraffin core slightly trimmed, and then coated on the outer wall of the glass steel, after curing heating, the paraffin melting out, can be a the glass steel products. In order to reduce the shrinkage deformation and increase the stiffness, more than 5% stearic acid can be added to the paraffin. It is convenient to make, easy to release, and the paraffin can be used repeatedly. But the precision is not high. Another usage: wet pipe, steel tube can be dipped to 70~80 DEG C molten paraffin, up dip after cooling, repeatedly, until the desired thickness, the surface can be coated with a little trimming, glass steel, to prevent cracking of paraffin wax, can add a small amount of butter in wax. It is also possible to wrap a thin layer of glass paper outside the wax as a mold core. After the FRP is solidified, the paraffin wax can be melted by heating.

Four. The concrete model of Guizhou fiberglass cable tube

Concrete models are mostly used for line type rules and less repeated use of products, such as spiral, wave, circular, arched or stereoscopic products. The cost is low, the rigidity is good, the brick can be built on the foundation, then cement mortar, grinding, putty, and then grinding, polishing, spray paint and other measures. This kind of cement mold can be used directly in the production of glass and steel products, and can also be used to turn the mother mold of the glass steel mould. The drying of the cement mold is slow, even under normal conditions, it will take more than a week to carry out the surface construction of the paint.

Five, glass steel wood sculpture

Wood products are mainly used in large linear is straight. Wood can be directly used as molding glass steel products, can also be used as a transitional reconstruction of glass steel mould. The wood used for making molds is red pine, ginkgo, Cunninghamia lanceolata, and so on. The water content of the wood is 15%, and it is not easy to shrink and deform. Pattern making, resin coated with 0.2 ~ 0.3 garbage garbage thickness (surface putty), and then water sandpaper from coarse to fine grinding four times, the last time with 800# or 1000# sandpapering, then coated with polishing paste for polishing machine polishing, again on paraffin wax, wood is. Can be directly in the wood on the paint, varnish to make wood.

Six, Guizhou fiberglass cable tube glassy steel sculpture metal mold

Metal moulds, especially steel moulds, are generally used for small size and large quantities of molded products. Such as the making of glass steel plate surface clean stainless steel plate; the production of section steel angle steel, channel steel. Because the moulded product is not only pressurized, but also heated. There are also large products for uncomplicated shapes. Although brass is a common metal, it will be adversely affected by resin admixture, and will have a negative effect on curing of resin. Unless it is applied to chrome or other metals in the working face, it is not suitable for use. The manufacturing and processing of metal dies are difficult and cost high. In addition, the composition of the alloy mold with low melting point is: Z nine 93%, A14%, Cu3%, and M are 0.5%. When the temperature is 50~80, the alloy hardness (HB) is about 100. It has good fluidity and poor wear resistance. It is suitable for making plastic molding cavity with complex shape and fine pattern. It is generally used at >80 C. Another kind of low melting point metal is 58% bismuth, 42% tin, and the melting point is 135 degrees C. The advantages of low melting point alloy die are short molding cycle, simple process and repeatable use.


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