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The description of the Guizhou fiberglass cable tube and the characteristics of the pipe

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The description of the Guizhou fiberglass cable tube and the characteristics of the pipe

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The description of the Guizhou fiberglass cable tube and the characteristics of the pipe

FRP pipe is a lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant nonmetal pipe. It is a resin based glass fiber weight layer wound on the mandrel rotating on according to process requirements, and distance evenly between the fibers as Kamiishi Eisa in the sand layer. Guizhou FRP cable pipe the pipe wall structure reasonable and advanced, can give full play to the role of material, to meet the premise of use strength, improve the rigidity, ensure the stability and reliability of the product. Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe has excellent chemical resistance, light weight, high strength, no scaling and strong earthquake resistance. Compared with ordinary steel pipe, it has many advantages such as long service life, low comprehensive cost, quick installation, safety and reliability. It is accepted by users.

The 9 types of Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe pipes are commonly used.

(1) FRP desulphurization pipeline;

(2) FRP sand pipe;

(3) the FRP pressure pipe;

(4) fiberglass cable protection pipe;

(5) FRP water pipeline;

(6) FRP insulation pipe;

(7) FRP ventilation pipe;

(8) FRP sewage pipe;

(9) glass steel pipe jacking.

Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe pipe characteristics:

(1) corrosion resistance: chemical inert material, excellent corrosion resistance, and can choose different corrosion resistant pipes according to the conveying medium.

(2) large mechanical strength: water pressure resistance, resistance to external pressure and impact strength are all good and can be designed and manufactured pipes and fittings according to the required pressure.

(3) good temperature adaptability: use the temperature range: more than -70 degrees Celsius less than 250 degrees Celsius, freezing medium pipe is not cracked.

(4) the fluid resistance is small: the inner wall of the pipe is smooth and the roughness coefficient is 0.0084. Under the same flow, the diameter of the pipe can be reduced.

(5) light weight, long life: light quality, convenient transportation, low construction cost, no maintenance, and service life for more than 50 years.

(6) to maintain water quality: non-toxic, transport water for drinking water, and maintain long-term water quality hygiene.


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