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Guizhou FRP cable pipe for the four methods of connecting you PE are suitable for connecting pipes which

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Guizhou FRP cable pipe for the four methods of connecting you PE are suitable for connecting pipes which

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Guizhou FRP cable pipe for the four methods of connecting you PE are suitable for connecting pipes which

The butt connection is usually connected with large aperture HDPE pressure pipeline system mainly, hot melt socket connection is to connect the main way of small caliber HDPE pipe is made, when the HDPE pipe and metal pipe and other pipe connection, must adopt flange connection, small bore pipe can be connected with excessive steel.

1. Hot-melt butt:

The hot-melt butt joint is heated by hot melt butt welder to heat the tube ends (the hot-melt butt joint temperature is 210 + 10 degrees C). After the pipe ends melt, it will quickly fit it to maintain certain pressure and achieve the purpose of fusion after cooling.

The HDPE pipe of Guizhou glass fiber reinforced plastic cable pipe which is larger than 90mm can be connected by hot-melt butt mode.

2, saddle type joint connection:

In the application process of Guizhou fiberglass cable tube HDPE pipe, it is often encountered in accordance with the actual needs. Saddle type three way can adopt saddle type three way, and saddle butt joint can be used to connect. That is, saddle butt welder is used to connect a saddle three way directly to the supervisor, then the cutter is cut by the equipped cutter, so that the division of the supervisor is completed, and the construction is very fast.

3, steel plastic flange connection:

The flange connection should be used when the HDPE pipe of Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe is connected with the steel pipe and valve. The connection between the end of the steel pipe and the metal flange should be in accordance with the regulations of the corresponding steel pipe welding.

4. Electric melting connection:

Welding connection is the first electric melting pipe set in the pipe, and then use the parameters of welding machine according to the provisions of the (time and voltage) to the electric melting pipe is energized, the outer surface of the inner surface of the pipe and melting electric melting pipe electric heating wire embedded in the insertion end, after cooling pipes and fittings that together. Its characteristics are quick and convenient connection, good joint quality and little interference from external factors, but the price of electric melting pipe is several times or even tens of times of ordinary pipe fittings, and the smaller the diameter is, the larger the difference is.


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