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How to identify the quality and characteristics of Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe

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How to identify the quality and characteristics of Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe

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How to identify the quality and characteristics of Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe

(1) question of appearance

The appearance of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable in Guizhou is chiefly characterized by rough and uneven appearance of the tube, wrinkles in the inner wall, especially wrinkles near the inner wall of the socket, the appearance of white spots on the inside and outside of the tube, the vacancy of the wall fiber alignment, and the uneven appearance of the pipe wall.

(2) commodity stiffness

The stiffness test of the commodity can not reach the demand of the planning stiffness; the initial deformation of the pipeline is greater than the planning demand, and some or even closer to or beyond 5%.

(3) the level of the deflection of Hangzhou

In the near A level deflection test, the sample tube body have a significant crack, and movement with PI the PA make slender, indicating the level of A failed to reach; in close to B level deflection test, the sample tube body has significant stratification, onset of glass fiber kneading, cracking or tensile damage; and with infinite movement, indicate the level of B did not arrive at. Because of the low stiffness or improper construction and other elements, and the anti flexure level is not good, the pipe radial tortuous damage.

(4) interrogative connection

Jack convex edge root damage attack leakage; rubber ring groove eccentric elastic rubber ring causing divergent attack leakage; rubber ring in the device when flanging, cut off the rubber ring; the compression ratio is too small attack leakage; socket and socket is suitable for connection in place.

(5) tensile strength of Guizhou fiberglass cable tube

The target is lower than the planning requirement when carrying out the cyclic or axial tensile strength test. A single project presents a tube image.

(6) leakage and sweating phenomenon

Full pressure test and tube wall joint attack Water Leakage sweating phenomenon.

(7) the scale question of Guizhou fiberglass cable tube

The first table of scale questions is that the thickness of the wall is not good; the taper of the pipe is too big; the length is disproportionate to the planning demand; the scale of the socket cooperation is disproportionate.

In addition to PAP hardness, curing degree, machining precision, single fiber quality showed local barbs doubt. In the above question, the first 5 questions are more prominent, and the frequency of their presentation is roughly related to the above order.

Characteristics of Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe

The characteristics of Guizhou fiberglass cable pipe:

1., high strength and strong resistance to external loading. It can be directly buried and used directly under the driveway without concrete protection layer. It can speed up the construction progress of cable works, which is lined with CPVC FRP cable protection tube. The pipe is flexible and equipped with flexible joints, which can resist pressure from external pressure and uneven settlement of the foundation.

2. corrosion resistance to corrosion of soil and fluid, such as acid, alkali, high hydrochloric acid and sewage, can be resisted.

3. no eddy current loss and electrical corrosion, good insulation, conducive to cable laying and operation.

4. flame retardancy, good heat resistance, high temperature for a long time the use of non deformation.

The 5. inner wall is smooth and without burr, and the cable will not be scratched.

6. the design adopts the socket type connection mode to adapt to the heat expansion and contraction.

7. light weight, one person can carry, two can carry out the installation operation on the ground, can greatly shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of installation engineering.

8., the use of composite FRP cable protection tube can avoid the long exposure time of road excavation, and affect the urban traffic order. It is lined with CPVC FRP cable protection tube.

9. long life, for up to 40 years in underground use. The cable protection tube with comprehensive performance and cost performance is superior to other materials.


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