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Guizhou fiberglass cable tube HDPE bellows product features

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Guizhou fiberglass cable tube HDPE bellows product features

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Guizhou fiberglass cable tube HDPE bellows product features:

First, the inner and outer walls of the pipe fittings are smooth and the friction coefficient is small. Reduce the resistance of wires and cables in the pipe.

Two, high compression performance: 100 pass bushing can bear more than 750N pressure, so it can be installed in a clear way, or it can be applied to the concrete in the dark. It will not be damaged under pressure.

Three, good impact and heat resistance: casing in normal concrete tamping impact will not break during the process of concrete pouring, and it will remain constant during construction.

Four, moisture resistant, moisture resistance of PVC casing acid-base properties, will not rust, each connection according to the provisions of PVC adhesives, waterproof into tube, moisture-proof effect is better. Therefore, it is more suitable for use in corrosive environment.

Five, flame retardant: PVC plastic casing from the fire out of the fire (leaving the flame within 30 seconds that will be extinguished), the flame will not spread along the pipe.

Six, insulation: the casing has excellent insulation performance. In the state of immersion, AC2000V and 50Hz will not break through. In the prevention of accidental electric shock, the international trend to insulation is better than ground, and the PVC casing is meeting this requirement.

Seven, pest control: because PVC casing to add special additives, no odor, pest attracting hinging damage.

Eight, the construction is convenient: the device can be easily cut with truncated tube below de32mm, insert the special spring corresponding in the duct, at room temperature can be bent into the required artificial angle with PVC adhesive can be quickly and easily connecting the sleeve into the required shape of pipeline construction.


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