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Attention point of installation and construction of PE water supply pipe

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Attention point of installation and construction of PE water supply pipe

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Attention point of installation and construction of PE water supply pipe

One.PE pipe pipe connection

The PE water supply pipe is connected by hot melt connection and electrofusion connection. The hot-melt connection is also divided into hot melt socket connection and hot-melt butt connection, and the electrofusion connection is divided into electric melting socket connection and electric welding saddle type connection. We use the hot-melt butt connection construction. The main steps of the PE water supply pipe are:

1. material: pipe or fittings in the flat position, put in the docking machine, the cutting allowance for 10-20mm.

2. clamping: according to the welded pipes and fittings, the suitable kava jig is selected and the pipe is clamped to prepare for the cutting.

3. cutting: the welding pipe section, the end face impurity and the oxidation layer, ensure the two butt end face is smooth, clean and free of impurities.

4. pairs: two the end face of the welded pipe section should be completely opposite, the smaller the wrong edge the better, the wrong side can not exceed the wall thickness of 10%. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of the docking.

5.: the average temperature in the heating butt 210-230 DEG C is appropriate, and don't have time heating board, the two end melting length of 1-2mm is preferred.

6. switch: take the heating plate open, quickly let the two heat and melt end face stick and pressurize, in order to ensure the quality of the melting butt, the shorter the better the switching period.

7. melting and docking: it is the key of welding. The butt process should always be under the melting pressure, and the width of the winding is 2-4mm.

8. cooling: keep the butt pressure constant, let the interface slow cooling, the cooling time is long and hard to touch the side of the roll, and it feels no heat.

9. docking completion: after cooling, Sunca Kauwa, remove the docking machine, and reconnect the next interface.

Two.PE water pipe installation and construction

1., before installation, whether the inspection grooves meet the installation requirements, then check whether there are obvious dents, cracks, scratches and scratches on the pipes, and find quality risks and replace them in time.

In 2., three links, elbow, reducer etc. fire hydrant with C20 concrete concrete pier, brick pier reinforcement flange valve.

When 3.PE pipes are connected to metal pipes, valves, and fire hydrants, a steel plastic transition joint or a special flange must be used.

4. the exhaust valves should be set in both the uplift or the upslope of the pipeline to reduce the impact of the gas and water mixed pressure on the pipeline. The proportion of the pipe and the exhaust valve is designed to be 1:8.

5. due to the good flexibility and flexibility of the PE tube itself, the installation of the expansion joints is not considered in all piping installation.


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