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Single wall corrugated tube of GHFB square.

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Single wall corrugated tube of GHFB square.

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Composite reinforced polypropylene MPP single wall bellows for power cable protection

The HFFB single wall corrugated pipe is mainly used in the project of the clear excavation of the cable in urban and rural areas for high voltage transmission lines and cables above 10KV. Ordinary type for use in laying sidewalks and green belt, the standard for laying in crossing the road, are without concrete encapsulation, if used for seismic and compression requirements more stringent or across a bridge can be used instead of steel reinforced (sn50) special customized products.

Detailed introduction

1. Product description

Modified polypropylene (MPP) single wall corrugated pipe is with polypropylene as the main raw materials, the composite reinforced structure wall pipeline made of special material formula and processing technology, has the advantages of novel structure, high strength, good heat resistance, easy construction and save costs and a series of advantages. As a new product of power pipe for excavation, it solves the industrial difficulties such as difficulty in forming technology and compound modification of materials, and creatively designs a new product structure and button connection mode. Therefore, this technology has broad application prospects.

Two, MPP single wall bellows have the following characteristics

1, heat insulation, safe pipeline: advocate for modified polypropylene (MPP), has good insulation properties, while at higher temperatures can still maintain good pressure resistance, suitable for protecting casing for high-voltage power line.

2, tensile resistance, rigid and flexible: stronger resistance to tensile, resistance to external pressure and better flexibility, connecting with a clamp seal connection, convenient and reliable.

3, low temperature resistant, suitable for winter construction: as modified polypropylene (MPP) has good low temperature impact resistance, in southern China, most of the year can be built.

4, the quality is reliable, cost saving: light weight, density is only 0.9 0.92g/cm3, is currently the lightest of all buried pipe material, can greatly reduce the cost of lifting transportation costs and installation; at the same time, the load conditions, MPP single wall corrugated pipe to thin pipe wall can meet the requirements, compared to save 40 - 70% of the cost of materials and solid wall MPP the same size ring stiffness requirements of the pipe; and PVC double wall corrugated pipe and gfrpmp compared comprehensive cost basically the same, but the performance is more superior. The construction connection adopts pipe buckle sleeve connection or hot-melt weld joint, and basically there is no cost of engineering maintenance.

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