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Advantages of using program in the production of glass and steel pipe

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Advantages of using program in the production of glass and steel pipe

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Fiberglass cable tube:

In the process of production of glass steel pipes and glass steel tank series winding products, the majority of our business or artificial calculation and design, so that not only the production efficiency is low, often will result in production data errors and wasted materials, if we use the original design, will not only improve efficiency, but also improve the accuracy of data. Therefore, the use of the original design components in the production process has the following advantages:

1, improve the design efficiency

The practical application shows that the computer aided design technology can greatly improve the design efficiency of the composite material. The development of American Boeing 777 is taken as an example: the development cycle is shortened by 50%, the rate of error rework is reduced by 75%, and the cost is reduced by 25%.

2. Accurate calculation

FRP pipe and containers are rotary type container, as the axis of symmetry, easier by analytical formula to get the answer, but for some complex containers such as towers and stacks are suitable for using finite element calculation, the calculation result is more accurate. In this way, we can see the maximum stress, the maximum deformation and its location. Therefore, it will be strengthened.

3. Design specification

Some of our enterprises have obtained the design license of non-metal pressure vessels and pressure pipes. During the training, what I most experienced is the standardization requirements, which should be standardized according to the standard, the process of calculation should be standardized, and the design documents should also be standardized.

(1) normalization of reference standards

As the saying goes, "no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan", the design reference standard must be unified. Now the state has introduced CECS190 pipeline design standard and GB21238 pipeline product standard for FRP pipe, replacing the previous three standards of JC838 and CJ3079 and JC695. The current implementation of the FRP container is the HG20696 design standard, and the JC587 product standard, and a new national standard is also compiled for the FRP container.

(2) normalization of calculation process

Composite materials have great dispersion, range of safety factor is very wide, from 4 to 10, or even more, the performance parameters of materials is also very wide, the design results of different manufacturers far, price vary greatly, even the same manufacturers different design results are not the same. With CAD design, a lot of parameters can be fixed, and it will be reunified after comparing with the actual test results, so as to ensure the unity of the design process.

(3) standardization of design documents

FRP pipe and containers design documents generally include the calculation, design drawings, process, single ply material consumption table, mechanical properties and other documents.

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