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The laying method of geotextile grille

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The laying method of geotextile grille

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GHFB square type high voltage power cable single wall bellows:

The laying method of geotextile grille:

Anchorage method

Not since the glass fiber geogrid reinforced asphalt concrete pavement adhesive and prevent pavement and pavement reflection crack, the anchoring construction, but should be paved with glass fiber geogrid, then sprinkle hot asphalt had sticky oil, the construction personnel must wear gloves, construction methods are as follows:

The A. sticky oil is AH-70 or AH-90 heavy oil hot asphalt. The specification and quality of the sticky oil should conform to the "highway asphalt pavement construction technology specification" JTJ032-94, and special vehicle spraying. The viscosity of the oil is about 0.4kg-0.6kg per square meter.

When laying glass fiber geogrids, B. shall be laid on a smooth and tight connection. The length of the transverse lap should be 50-100mm, and the longitudinal lap length should be 150-200mm. According to the direction of paving, the rear end will be pressed below the front end.

C. is rolled by a rubber roller.

D. 50? 0?.3mm fixed iron, requiring flat non warping angle, circumjacent chamfering treatment, 2 inch steel nail (high quality cement nail)

When e nails are fixed for laying glass fiber geogrids, one end is fixed on the lower structure of the asphalt layer of the sprinkled sticky layer with fixed iron sheets and nails. Nails can be hammered or shot into. When the grille is stretched longitudinally, the glass fiber transverse is in the straight tensioning state.

When the f. nail is fixed, the distance of the grid lap is as follows: the overlap distance of the longitudinal joint is not less than 15cm, and the lateral lap distance is not less than 5cm. The longitudinal lap should be placed above the rear in the direction of the asphalt paver.

When g. is fixed, the nail can not be staple on the glass fiber, and the glass fiber can not be hammered directly with the hammer. If the nail breaks or the iron skin is loosened, it should be refixed.

H. to prevent the tire of the construction vehicle from gluing the glass fiber grille and oil. And the skidding phenomenon of the asphalt concrete paver wheel should be sprinkled on the surface of the sticky oil, and the amount of the stone chips is 3m3/1000m2-5m3/1000m2.

I. air temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius or wet pavement should not be constructed.

J. asphalt pavement construction method is consistent with ordinary asphalt pavement surface construction method, but it should be noted that construction vehicles must not turn sharply on the surface of glass fiber grille, brake suddenly.

Self adhesive glass fiber geotextile grille direct laying method

Self adhesive glass fiber geogrid is the patent product of our group. Its construction method is convenient and the quality is stable. The construction methods are as follows:

A. makes 20mm-30mm thick leveling layer on the old asphalt concrete pavement and old cement concrete pavement, and uses a vacuum car or sprinkler to ensure that the road surface is clean and clean.

B. spray AH-70 or AH-90 heavy oil hot bitumen, the dosage is suitable for 0.3kg-0.4kg/m2.

C. used the special paving car provided by our group, laying self adhesive glass fiber grille, laying should be smooth and tight.

The transverse lap length of D. is suitable for 50mm-100mm, and the length of longitudinal lap is suitable for 150mm-200mm. The overlap direction of lap joint is the same as that of the asphalt concrete paver.

E. is used for roller compacting with a rubber roller (a rubber roller is required to have a sprinkler).

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