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Introduction of fiberglass cable protection pipe

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Introduction of fiberglass cable protection pipe

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Guizhou fiberglass cable tube

FRP cable protection tube is a new type of composite pipe, which is made up of resin and glass fiber as reinforcing material, and it is a high quality cable protection product that is bonded with unsaturated resin and can match modern cable engineering construction. Strong resistance to pressure, light weight, smooth inner wall, small friction coefficient, easy to wear with cable and no damage to cable. It is easier and convenient to carry and transport than metal steel pipe and cement pipe. The construction and installation are simple and convenient, both saving and labor-saving. Strong corrosion resistance, insulation, non magnetic, acid resistance, alkali resistance, flame retardant, antistatic. The elastic modulus is good, which resolves the characteristics of metal steel pipe which is perishable and no torsion elasticity, and overcomes the shortcomings of aging and impact resistance. It has good water resistance and can be used in wet or water for a long time. Due to the specific properties of FRP, the service life of the glass tube is more than 50 years. The construction is convenient, especially in the rush repair of a specific project. It is the most ideal protection device for power cable engineering, communication cables, municipal engineering and underground cable laying. The cable is the most suitable and portable for crossing the river and crossing the bridge.

Product introduction:

The electric protective tube of glass steel is a protective device for electric wire and communication wire in the underground facilities, which is protected by external pressure or collision. It is widely used in power cable engineering, substation construction, output and communication optical cable, cross sea and cross river cable protection engineering, Airport Industrial Park construction, municipal engineering, underground cable cable engineering; can also be used for civil engineering and industrial water, sewage discharge etc..

Fiberglass cable protective pipe

Product performance and use:

1, SMBB glass fiber reinforced plastic cable protection pipe as a protective cable for underground power cables and communication cables is widely used in power, communication, transportation, airports, ports, municipal large projects and other national infrastructure. Compared with the prefabricated concrete pipe, steel tube and PVC tube adopted in China, it has the advantages of simple construction, no magnetic and high strength. Because of the adoption of socket type connection, it is convenient to install, save labor and time, and can be excavated and buried at night.

Set up, backfill the road, without maintenance, can still be opened in the daytime, will not affect urban traffic, its social benefits are very great.

2, SMBB FRP cable protection pipe with special tube pillow, the middle connector supporting the use of cable duct systems can be composed of multiple rows of the different needs of users, suitable for cable and cable laying through traffic crossing river bridge, and other special circumstances, can fully reflect its simple construction, high strength, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance. It is a necessary supporting facility in the current national basic engineering projects.

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