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MPP material is the first choice of raw materials for MPP pipeline products manufacturers

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MPP material is the first choice of raw materials for MPP pipeline products manufacturers

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MPP material refers to a kind of modified polymer based on ordinary polypropylene resin (PP) as raw material, adding heat-resistant, high pressure resistant, superior insulation and other chemical raw materials and chemical additives. Compared with common PP, MPP material is more resistant to erosion, oil and chemicals, and has strong thermal stability and local heat resistance. It is suitable for producing MPP power pipe.

MPP material, also known as modified polypropylene (MPP), is mainly used to produce MPP power cable pipe. Modified polypropylene pipe (MPP pipe and MPP power pipe) has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and external pressure resistance, and it is suitable for high-voltage transmission line and pipe layout pipe above 10KV. MPP power cable tube has good electrical insulation; deformation temperature and low temperature impact properties of high tensile and compressive properties of heat; MPP tube is higher than that of HDPE; also MPP tube light, smooth, friction, the main small heat welding butt; MPP pipe with corrosion resistance, physical properties, long service life and excellent.

MPP tube is welded by hot melt, high strength of welding head, high pull tube with high length and high length, good toughness and excellent anti formation and seismic resistance. MPP tube overcomes the PE pipe at 40 DEG C when the mechanical properties decreased and cannot be used for cable duct defects, overcome the drawbacks of CPVC tube anti subsidence poor performance and high traction cannot drag pipe.

Because of the special use of MPP material, there is no professional MPP manufacturer in China at present. Foshan shandex Plastic Hardware Co., the company has a strong research team, independent research and development of professional MPP material used in the production of MPP power cable pipe, the monthly production capacity reached 1000 tons. 其稳定的性能倍受行业关注,其性能:拉伸强度(Mpa):≧20;延伸率(%):≧300;弯曲强度(Mpa):≧25;弯曲模量(Mpa):≧900;冲击强度(kj/m2):≧20;熔指(g/10min):≦1.0 ;热变形温度 ≧120℃。

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