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Production process and process of FRP pipe

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Production process and process of FRP pipe

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The one and the tube wall structure of Guizhou fiberglass cable tube is explained.

The tube wall structure is the inner lining layer, the secondary lining layer, the winding layer and the external protective layer.

The inner liner and secondary lining play the role of anti-corrosion and anti-seepage. The winding layer takes on the strength and rigidity of the pipeline, and the outer protective layer plays the role of anti-aging, anti-corrosion and anti Japanese drying.

Two. The manufacturing process of FRP pipe

Mould preparation

Commissioning of equipment and preparation of raw materials

Pipeline lining making

The lining of the far infrared curing station

Quality inspection of inner lining

Pipe reinforced layer winding

Overall curing of far infrared pipeline

Inspection of pipeline appearance and main dimensions

Pipe stripping

Test items of 1.5 times pressure water pressure test and other standard requirements

Pipeline packing and warehousing

Guizhou fiberglass cable tube three, detailed description of the process:

(1) preparation process

A, equipment debugging

First, carefully check the equipment operation and work site is normal, especially to carefully check the resin curing agent for two-component pump is clogging, the ratio between whether to meet the design requirements; to ensure the lining, winding, trimming, stripping and other equipment operation stability and accuracy;

B, cleaning mold

There are no pits, dust, sundries and other attachments on the surface of the mold. The mold should be smooth and repaired and maintained in time.

C, entangled polyester film

For the convenience of pipeline release, with 1 layers of polyester film in the mold surface, film lap width 1~2 cm, thickness is between 40um. For the film without damage, no fold, both sides are smooth and clean. The quality of the film products meets the requirement of GB 13950-1992.

(2) manufacturing process

A and inner lining resin preparation

According to the resin formulation system made by the quality inspection department according to the working environment and temperature conditions at that time, the blending of the inner liners and the proportioning of the ingredients should be reasonably controlled according to the manufacturing schedule. When the scene changes, the quality inspection department and the manufacturing department should adjust the formula in time and prepare the necessary resin according to the new formula.

B, preparation of reinforced materials

According to the design requirements, the reinforced materials needed in the lining are transported to the specified position, and the width of the reinforced materials with wide width are cut first to the design width.

C, lining layer making

According to the laying procedure of design requirements, the inner liner should be made. During the laying process of each layer, reasonable tension should be applied and appropriate overlap between them should be applied, and the bubbles should be repeatedly rolled out with combined roller to ensure that the fiber is completely soaked. It also requires the material layer to meet the requirements of the resin content of the design.

Guizhou fiberglass cable tube

D, preliminary self-examination

Guizhou glass steel cable pipe according to the design requirements of overlay end of each layer, the operation requirements for quality testing of workers: whether the design meets the lining thickness, whether there is a local poor glue, hanging glue phenomenon, whether there is a white spot, whether there is a bubble, etc., if the above shall timely report and take measures;

E, deep curing process to enter the inner lining of far infrared

(3) deep curing of far infrared

The production of FRP pipes must be treated by far infrared deep curing. The aim is to improve the curing degree of the inner liner and improve the corrosion resistance and temperature resistance of the pipeline.

(4) process quality test

Before winding, it is reconfirmed that there is no bubble, air hole, no impurity, smooth surface, reasonable resin content, no white spot and poor local curing. It is necessary to check whether the lining is qualified or not, and the unqualified is strictly forbidden to wound on the machine.

(5) winding process

The designed parameters are inputted to the microcomputer. After the lining of the inner lining is solidified, it is controlled by a microcomputer to use the non - alkali and non - twisted glass fiber for reciprocating winding until the thickness of the winding layer. External protection layer of 100% resin content according to the specified thickness. The content of the resin in the winding layer is about 35%, and the thickness depends on the strength and stiffness of the pipe design.

(6) infrared curing

The pipe enters the curing stage. In the curing process, the mold should be rolled at a suitable speed to make it uniformly solidified. During the curing process, the temperature of the tube body should be monitored and the curing scheme should be adjusted reasonably.

Dressing and demoulding of Guizhou fiberglass cable tube (7)

When the pasteurized hardness of the pipe is greater than 30, the pipe port is trimmed. Then the pipe and the die are separated by a hydraulic stripping machine and marked in the middle part of the pipe according to the requirements.

(8) water pressure test and placement of pipeline

Each batch of piping shall be hydraulically tested according to the regulations, filled with water, uniformly raised to 1.5 times the design pressure of the pipeline, and the pressure shall not be less than 2 minutes. The surface and pressure gauge of the pipeline shall be carefully inspected. After the test pressure is qualified, the pipe is supported at three points.

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