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Plastic pipeline industry tends to green and environmental protection

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Plastic pipeline industry tends to green and environmental protection

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The plastic pipe industry in efforts towards this goal green ran into Guizhou, glass steel cable pipe and plastic processing industry as the fastest development, the highest value of the first industry, with the industry overall technical level is relatively high, new materials, new technology acceptance, characteristics of technological innovation, new product innovation ability strong. China Plastics processing industry achieved a historic leap during the "11th Five-Year" period. It ranks among the world's largest plastics industry. In 2012, the output of plastic products exceeded 80 million tons. From 2010, the output of plastics industry has been ranked the first in the world. In the period of "12th Five-Year", it entered a new historical stage of innovation driven development.

Since 2012, domestic and international economic situation is complicated and changeable, the market demand continues to be weak, the plastics industry downturn, but with the domestic housing construction and municipal engineering water conservancy construction stable demand, policy support, building materials and construction of rural drinking water safety system to pull the plastic pipe demand upgrade, gas supply system and the demand of heating consumption trend increment, plastic the pipeline industry has shown good momentum of development. In recent years, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene crosslinked polyethylene, polyethylene, heat-resistant modified PVC materials such as the amount is increasing rapidly; the continuous development of production and application of solid wall in different materials pipe, corrugated pipe, rib tube, pipe, core layer foam pipe, spiral pipe structure of the utility model patent pipe; and domestic plastic pipe the more than 1500; Guizhou FRP cable pipe in UHMWPE pipe, large diameter drainage with plastic composite winding pipe, plastic and metal composite pipe has certain international advanced level.

But the industry in the process of rapid development there is a surplus of production capacity, product homogeneity, and the proportion of low-end products in general is too large, the product standard system is not perfect and domestic special resin, additives and other raw materials can not meet the needs of production, some functional products such as pipeline welding (FPVC) and orientation (PVC-O) PVC pipe high pressure, reinforced thermoplastic plastic pipe (RPT), Guizhou glass steel cable winding tube welding reinforced PE pressure tube, self reinforced PE pipe production technology gap with foreign countries obviously and many other issues.

These are all we need to work together with resins, additives and users, downstream joint industry, a key breakthrough in many common key technologies to solve the problem of plastic pipe, change the overall backwardness of the plastic pipe industry, to enhance the overall quality of the pipeline industry, to ensure that the plastic pipe industry sustained, stable and rapid growth, to achieve healthy development. Especially as PP pipeline industry, chemical and building green pipeline represents with its low density, good corrosion resistance, long service life and good health, Guizhou FRP cable pipe environmental friendly advantages in the plastic pipe market occupies an increasingly important position. The production of plastic pipeline in 2012 is 11 million tons, and the amount of PP pipe material is about 550 thousand tons, of which the amount of PP-R pipe material is 230 thousand tons.

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