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HDPE hollow plastic coil pipe.

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HDPE hollow plastic coil pipe.

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  • Release date:2018/03/01
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Detailed introduction

HDPE hollow plastic coil pipe.

Product Description

HDPE hollow wall plastic steel winding drain pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (PE), and the "Q" shape of copper frame material with high strength and free activity. It is a multifunctional composite pipe material with high performance, high ring stiffness, light weight, long service life, good anti-corrosion, construction convenience, simple connection, and deeper buried depth, and a new environmental-friendly pipe which can match with current construction project.

Product Performance

Acid and alkali resistance: high material stability. So the pipe can reach three ring stiffness of SN8, SN12.5.SN16, that the corrosion resistance is greatly improved;

High degree of sealing: with multiple connection methods, it can meet the requirements of various degrees, which can meet the requirements of reliable sealing and convenient connection.

High wear resistance: the wear resistance is better than the metal pipe, and the service life is longer when used in the ore and mud transportation

Service life:  anti-shock, light weight, service life up to 50 years.

Applied field:

Municipal construction, drainage, sewage disposal, 

Airport, port drainage, water seepage;

The highway embedded pipeline;

Chemical ventilation pipes, and mines for the transport of fluids;

Agricultural irrigation and drainage

Petroleum, chemical and natural gas;

Tunnel and culvert engineering(water diversion pipe and drainage pipe)

Physical Performance

Physical Performance



HDPE hollow plastic coil pipe.

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