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Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.

Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.

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  • Release date:2018/03/01
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Detailed introduction

Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.

Product Description

This pipe is made of steel-plastic composite strip by the spiral wound (strip profile extrusion welding), the internal and external wall of pipes are both flat, the middle surrounded by spiral rib steel strengthening, rib reinforcement is made up of ordinary carbon structural steel belt cover polyethylene, make through polyethylene coated steel band and polyethylene one integrated mass. Polyethylene pipe wall is closed fluid channel, strengthen the steel belt constitutes the ring stiffness of pipe material, thickness and width of the strip were designed respectively according to different pipe diameter and ring stiffness requirement, thus has excellent performance, large diameter, convenient transportation and simple installation, and reliable etc.

Product performance

1.High Steel Stiffness: the ring stiffness can be up to eight KN / ㎡, 10 KN / ㎡ ', 12.5 KN/mf. 16 KN / ㎡.

2.Double flat wall pipe: wall performance is uniform, and the load is evenly distributed to the pipe body through the bridging effect of the outer wall. There is no weak link in the pipe.

The force is to be uniformed; therefore the pipe is safe and reliable.

3.Corrosion resistant steel bands are embedded in plastics and isolated from the outside world, so that it would be acid and alkali resistant, salt resistant and industrial waste corrosion resistant.

4.Fast installation of pipes, customized production, and various ways of connection, 

5.Smooth inner wall, low roughness, small friction, and smooth water flow.

6.Non-toxic polyethylene pipe can be used for drinking water pipe and is harmless to humans.

7.Service life is long up to more than 50 years.

Connection Method 

1.Electric fusion welding connection;

2.Elastic joint of the collar;

3.Heat contraction band connection.

Product Performance

Municipal engineering: used for drainage of rainwater and sewage;

Road works: used for seepage and drainage pipes of railways and highways;

Industrial use for industrial sewage pipes;

Landfill: a guide drain pipe for waste disposal;

Airport, port, wharf engineering: large airport, port, wharf engineering drainage, sewage pipeline;

Hydraulic engineering: low-pressure water pipeline;

Communication engineering: railway, highway communication line, communication cable, Fiber optic cable



Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.

Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.

Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.

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