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High density polyethylene structural wall B wound pipe (KCR)

High density polyethylene structural wall B wound pipe (KCR)

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  • Release date:2018/03/01
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Detailed introduction

High density polyethylene structural wall B wound pipe (KCR)

Product Description

The high density polyethylene structural wall thermal winding pipe (KCR) is a new type of pipe material with special-shaped wall, it is made of high density polyethylene thermal winding forming process.

The product used high density polyethylene resin (HDPE) as the raw material, with PP or PE bellows as the auxiliary supporting tube, and used the high density polyethylene large diameter winding tube which  is produced by hot wrapping process.

Because the pipeline was originally introduced by domestic companies from a company “Krone” German, it is commonly known as the clarinet in China.

The official Chinese name of this pipe: high density polyethylene wall hot coil pipe, which is an environmental free product with light weight, strong bearing capacity, high quality interface, long service life, corrosion resistance, high ring stiffness, and convenient construction. Therefore it is widely used in urban water supply, drainage, long-distance water delivery, irrigation and water conservancy irrigation engineering, etc.

Caliber: DN300-DN4000, with light pipe weight, excellent overall flexibility, and 

it is first choice for Underground sewage drainage.

Executive standard

The national standard is GB/ t19472.2-2004 (part 2 of the embedded polyethylene (PE) structural wall pipe system: polyethylene winding structural wall pipe material) type B polyethylene pipe section.

Physical Performance

1.Formed with thermal entanglement, high quality welding

2.Excellent installation performance, pipe connection adopted the electro fusion technology that embedded electrical fuse in the bell mouth.

3.Having good flexibility on the whole, while having strong rigidity and overall anti-external pressure capability at every part.

4.HDPE can be recycled, which is a environment-friendly product.

5.Anti-corrosion and aging.  And service life is warranted for 50 years.

Applied field:

Municipal construction, drainage, sewage disposal, 

Airport, port drainage, water seepage;

The highway embedded pipeline;

Chemical ventilation pipes, and mines for the transport of fluids;

Agricultural irrigation and drainage

Petroleum, chemical and natural gas;

Tunnel and culvert engineering(water diversion pipe and drainage pipe)



High density polyethylene structural wall B wound pipe (KCR)

High density polyethylene structural wall B wound pipe (KCR)

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