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Polyethylene plastic coil pipe.

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Polyethylene plastic coil pipe.

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  • Release date:2018/03/01
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Detailed introduction

Polyethylene plastic coil pipe.

Product Description

HDPE polyethylene plastic wrap pipe is a high-tech composite pipe product with independent intellectual property rights, world leading level, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction.

The product is mainly used as a buried drainage pipe, which integrates the rigidity of steel belt and the corrosion resistance of polyethylene, low friction resistance and anti-wear.

HDPE polythene plastic coil tube uses a compound structure: its steel belt has the effect of strengthening the skeleton. Its pipe intensity and ring stiffness is bearded mainly by copper belt; and the coated high density polyethylene has the effect of anti-corrosion.

In order to meet the requirement of the ring stiffness, the plastic copper winding pipe with different diameter can meet the performance requirements by changing the height and thickness of the steel belt, and the adjustment is convenient and reliable.

As the ring stiffness of the pipe is mainly bearded by copper, and the creep property of the steel belt does not exist, the ring stiffness of the tube is constant after the copper belt is coated with polyethylene.

Product Performance

Safe and reliable ring stiffness: compared with pure plastic pipe, the enhanced steel strip can easily improve the safe and reliable of copper ring degree especially large diameter pipes; at the same time the internal wall is smooth, which lowers flow resistance for 20 ~ 30% more than cement pipe. In addition due to the fact that polyethylene (PE) pipe’s inner surface is smooth, the friction coefficient will be small, and sediment in the pipeline will not be easy to produce. And the friction will be almost the same after long-term use.

Flexible or none leaking-off connection (electric welding, butt welding), excellent sealing performance and environmental performance: both two sealing methods can be manually operated with simple tools, no extra machinery would be needed  

Corrosion resistant and service life can be over 50 years (PE).

Light weight, less joint, no need of large equipment, easy installation and laying: light weight. No heavy lifting equipment is required when installing.

Outstanding axial flexibility: when laying, it has a low requirement on the flatness and firmness at the bottom of the groove. It is able to withstand the abnormal stress caused by improper installation.

Anti-abnormal and bursting load capacity: the pipe can be used to solve the stress caused by elastic deformation, so as to avoid the leakage or damage of the pipe joints due to excessive stress and deformation.

Comprehensive cost is competitive: combining the advantage of both steel and plastic, which has excellent comprehensive performance. 

Applied field:

Municipal works: used for buried rainwater pipes and sewage pipes;

Road works: used as the seepage and drainage pipes of railways and highways;

Industry: widely used in sewage pipes of industrial areas;

Construction works: used as rain water pipes for buildings. Underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc;

Sewage collection pipe in landfill site;

Large port and wharf engineering: large airport, port, wharf engineering rainwater, sewage pipe, etc;

Sports venues: seepage drainage pipes for sports venues such as golf courses and football fields;

Hydraulic engineering: used as a water source pipe and irrigation pipe

Mine: used for ventilation, and drainage.

The mud pipe;

Communication tube: railway, highway communication cable, protection pipe for optic fiber cable, etc;

Water storage system: a water storage system used to intercept a slow flow of water;

Agricultural engineering: used for agricultural fields, orchards, tea plantations and forest belt irrigation;

Sea water pipeline;

River channel dredging 



Polyethylene plastic coil pipe.

Polyethylene plastic coil pipe.

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