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Polyethylene steel with enhanced spiral lines corrugated pipe

Polyethylene steel with enhanced spiral lines corrugated pipe

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

Polyethylene Steel With Enhanced Spiral Lines Corrugated Pipe

 Product Description 

It is a new product with new connection method,  developed by our company based on polyethylene spirals technology. Having surface pretreatment for the product steel strip to increase the capability of anticorrosion, and steel and plastic adhesive force, improve the peeling strength, winding and Forming a pipe mould under the state that the plastic raw material is fully molten. The overall structure of the tube is firm and reliable.

》Product Performance 

Chemical resistance, not contaminated;

Shock and impact resistance: compression, not burst when foundation sinks

Ageing resistance: pipe is usually black, can withstand the exposure to the sun in the process of storage and construction;

Light weight: easy to transport, convenient to construct;

convenient connection: the socket type connection with rubber sealed, which realizes good construction performance and reduces engineering practice.

Good wear resistance: better wear resistance than copper pipe and cement pipe. Good choice for life water waste.

Excellent drainage: smooth internal wall, reduced friction;

Economy: low costs on construction, management and maintenance.

》Applied Area

Municipal works: used for buried rainwater and sewage pipes;

Road works: used as the seepage and drainage pipes of railways and highways;

Industry: widely used in industrial areas of sewage pipes;

Construction works: used for building rain pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc;

Landfill sewage collection pipe;

Large port and wharf engineering: large airport, port, wharf engineering rainwater, sewage pipe, etc.;

Sports venues: seepage drainage pipes for sports venues such as golf courses and football fields;

Water conservancy projects: used as water supply pipes and irrigation pipes;

Mine: used as mine ventilation, air supply, drainage, mud pipe;

Communication pipe: railway, highway communication, communication cable, cable protection pipe, etc.

Water storage system: a water storage system used to intercept a slow flow of water;

Orchard, tea garden and forest belt irrigation;

Agricultural engineering: used in farmland;

Sea water pipeline; river dredging.


Polyethylene steel band reinforced spiral corrugated pipe.

Polyethylene steel band reinforced spiral corrugated pipe.

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