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Glass fiber with reinforced plastic and sand inclusion steel pipe

Glass fiber with reinforced plastic and sand inclusion steel pipe

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Mortar pipe

》Product Description

FRPM (FRPM) is a new type of advanced composite material with resin as basic material, glass fiber and its products as reinforcing material and quartz sand as filling material.

With its excellent corrosion resistant performance and hydraulic characteristics, light weight, high strength, large conveying flow, easy installation, short time limit and the comprehensive advantages of low investment, which become the best choice for pipeline engineering, drainage engineering and chemical industry.

》Product Performance

1. Excellent corrosion resistance;

2. Good heat resistance and cold resistance;

3. Good wear resistance;

4. Excellent insulation performance:

5. Anti-fouling resistance after curing;

6. Low interface and high installation efficiency;

7. light weight;

8. Good mechanical performance and excellent insulation performance;

9. Excellent hydraulic performance and energy saving;

10. Long service life, safe and reliable;

11. Flexible design and strong adaptability to products;

12. Low maintenance cost;

13. Considerable profit for the project .

》Connection Method

Pipe Installation Principles

Pipe installation order in line with the shard area, subsystem, large diameter to the first small diameter, the lower to the upper, difficult to easy, 

pipe gallery to the device connection. Principally the pipe which connects to devices is distributed from inner to outer area in order to reduce the influence of welding stress on machine installation accuracy, indoor and outdoor pipeline touch mouth should be outside.

》Pipeline installation requirements

1.Before installation, the pipe shall be checked by the pipe opening, embedded parts, reserved holes, steel structure and other contents related to pipe installation.

2. The slope of the pipe shall be adjusted according to the requirements of the drawing, and the adjustment method can use the support to meet the slope requirements, and the welding seam shall be set in the place where it is easy to repair and observe.

3. The pipe connected with the transmission equipment should be cleaned before installation, and the welding fixing pipe should be kept away from the equipment, so as to avoid the influence of welding production stress on the installation accuracy of the transmission equipment.

4. Before connecting the pipe to the machine, it should prevent the force relative, and check the parallelism and coaxiality of the flange in free state.

5. The relief valve shall be installed vertically and timely adjust the safety valve when commissioning. The final adjustment of the safety valve is carried out on the system, and the opening and backseat pressure shall conform to the requirements of the design document.

6. Before the valve is installed, check its model according to the design document and determine its installation direction according to the flow direction of the medium. When the valve and pipe are connected with flange or thread, the valve shall be installed in the closed state; Valves shall not be closed if installed in a welding manner.

7. Temporary replacement of instrument elements: all instrument components shall be replaced by temporary elements when installation of all instrument components. After the completion of test pressure, washing and blowing, the installation shall be formally installed before feeding.

》Application field

Drinking water pipes;

Sewage collection and transportation pipeline, water reuse pipe;

Municipal water supply and drainage pipes;

Sea water pipes and other buried pipelines.

》Physical Performance

Glass fiber reinforced plastic steel pipe.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic steel pipe.

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