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MUHDPE Alloy pipe

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MUHDPE Alloy pipe

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

MUHDPE Alloy Pipe

》Product Description

MUHDPE used ultra high molecular weight polyolefin alloy tube, ultra high molecular weight copolymer compatibilizers, nano enhanced dose and special elements resistant to age; conducting material modification via the leading reciprocating single screw extruder from Swiss BUSS company. Produced the alloy pipe by the production line used fully automatic high-speed alloy pipe extrusion technology

MUHDPE alloy pipe used the material with efficient capacity increase, designing and innovation through formula of the method of the interface reaction and capacity increase to solve the interfacial compatibility of ultra high molecular weight polyolefin and nano strengthening agent. By toughening and compatibilizing to obtain the nanometer alloy materials with ultra-high strength, high rigidity, high toughness and resistance to aging. It improves the rigidity, creep resistance, inner wall smoothness, anti - point load damage, impact resistance and ring flexibility.

》Product performance 

1.Nano modified hdpe alloy (MUHDPE) as raw material to make the higher ring stiffness of the pipe, solve the problem that diameter of all plastic corrugated pipe production can only be expended up of 800 mm.


Unique product structure, strong compressive ability;

3. Smooth inner surface, large flow;

4. Convenient product connection, good interface sealing, corrosion resistance, zero leakage, no scaling, avoid secondary pollution, is the ideal "green pipe";

5. Good flexural performance, can be adapted to the uneven settlement of the soil; College 

6. Nanometer modified hdpe alloy (MUHDPE) used as raw material to achieve longer service life and ground use can reach more than 70;

7. Light weighted, convenient construction, can reduce the construction cost and shorten the construction period.

》Applied Area

1. Municipal engineering: used for drainage and sewer.

2. Construction works: used for building rain pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes and ventilation pipes.

3. Railway and highway communication equipment: used for the protection of telecommunication cables and cables.

4. Industry: widely used in chemical industry, hospital, environmental protection and other industries.

5. Agricultural garden project: used for farmland, fruit tea plantation, and forest belt drainage.

6. Road works: used as the seepage and drainage pipes of railways and highways.

7. Mining; Used as mine ventilation, air supply and drain pipe.

8. Double-wall corrugated pipe with open hole: it can be used for the seepage and drainage of the saline-alkali highway.

9. Golf course and football field: used as a golf course, a football field, a drain pipe.


MUHDPE alloy tube

MUHDPE alloy tube

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