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MUHDPE Alloy stress framework wall winding pipe

MUHDPE Alloy stress framework wall winding pipe

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

MUHDPE Alloy Stress Framework Wall Winding Pipe

》Product Descrption

The MUHDPE alloy stress support structure wall winding pipe is a kind of pipe with nano-modified high density polyethylene alloy (MUHDPE) as raw material, and the structure wall tube is made of hot-wire wound forming process.

Its inner surface is smooth, the specification of DN200 - DN2600mm. It has the advantage of tubing corrosion resistance, light quality, simple installation, and large flow. An alternative choice of the pipes with high energy supplies. Therefor It is green product. 

》Product Performance

1.Chemical resistance and non-pollution;

2.Impact resistant: impact resistance, compression, foundation sinking circumstances don't burst;

3.Ageing resistance: pipe is usually black, can afford to deposit and construction process of the sun to be basked in straight;

4.light weight: easy to transport, construction is convenient;

5.Convenient connection: heat shrinkable sleeve or electric hot melt connection, realize the good construction performance, reduce engineering practice;

6.Abrasion resistance : better than copper pipe, cement pipe, wear-resistant, life waste water made strong express ability; 

7.draining liquidity is superior: smooth internal wall to reduce friction, fast ventilation speed. 

8.Economy: the construction, management and maintenance cost is low.

》Applied Area

1. Municipal engineering: used as drainage and sewage pipe.

2. Construction engineering: used as a building rain water pipe, underground drain pipe, sewage pipe and ventilation pipe.

3. Railway and highway communication equipment: used for the protection of telecommunication cables and cables.

4. Industry: widely used in chemical industry, hospital, environmental protection and other industries.

5. Agricultural garden project: is used for farmland, fruit tea plantation, and forest belt drainage pipe.

6. Road works: are used for the seepage and drainage of railways and highways.

7. Mining: used as mine ventilation, air supply and drainage pipe.

8. Double-wall corrugated pipe with open hole: it can be used for the seepage and drainage of the saline-alkali highway.

9. Golf course and football field: used as a golf course, a football field, a drain pipe.


MUHDPE alloy stress bracket structure wall winding pipe.

MUHDPE alloy stress bracket structure wall winding pipe.

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