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Environmental friendly plastic checking well

Environmental friendly plastic checking well

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

Environmental Friendly Plastic Inspection Well.

Product Description

Plastic Inspection Well is an accessory drainage structures that is set up in the drainage pipe junction, bending section, pipe diameter part or slope changing section, dropping section, and stright pipe part where it has regular intervals, this is in order to have a regular inspection, cleaning and drainaging

The well part of the plastic inspection well is mostly made of disposable injection molding, which can change the connection of pipe diameter and Angle by means of accessories such as Reducer Adapter,Variable Angle Joint and rubber sealing ring.

》Product Performance

The plastic inspection well consists of well - bore, wellbore, manhole cover and plastic inspection well. The well shaft can be used for buried drainage pipes, such as PVC-U double-layer axial air pipe, HDPE hollow wound pipe, etc.

According to the number and Angle of the receiver, there are the initial well seat, the straight well seat, the three-way well seat, the four-way well seat, the 90-degree elbow and so on.

In order to adapt to all kinds of drainage conditions, 

plastic check well also added accesories  of inspection well such as the internal and external diameter conversion adapter, saddle joint, variable joint, rendezvous joint, variable adapter, to ensure the liquidity and sealing of drainage system.

Applied Area

Can be applied for buried underground plastic drain pipe which has  an outer diameter of no bigger than 1200mm; and the design, construction and maintenance of plastic  drainage inspection well which has the depth of no morn than 8m in the construction area (residential area, public building area, factory area, etc.), urban and rural municipal, industrial park, old city reconstruction and other areas.

The construction of plastic drainage inspection wells in general soil, soft soil, seasonal permafrost soil and collapsible loess soil.

The areas with seismic fortification crack is 9 degrees and below 9 degrees.

The ground load of the general lane is 15t(rear wheel pressure 5t). The ground load of the fire lane is designed according to the total weight 30t (rear wheel pressure 6t).

The water level below ground not higher than 1.0m.

Environmental plastic inspection Wells

Environmental plastic inspection Wells

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