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Lined with CPVC FRP compound cable protection pipe

Lined with CPVC FRP compound cable protection pipe

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

Lined With CPVC FRP Compound Cable Protection Pipe.

》Product Description

This pipe is the third generation of the new cable protection sleeve, is the new product developed my our company for the purpose of overcoming the various defects of sand inclusion glass fiber reinforced plastic cable conduits used in the modern market.

This product composes CPVC, PE, MPP plastic and fiber glass together. It uses CPVC, PE, MPP to make the inner surface, which can prevent the cable separating from the inner surface and other fetal defects such as blocking cable. 

The outer layer is  steel glass layer using glass fiber impregnated flame retardant resin, superior performance than the solid glass in the market, while it is the ideal pipe products to replace tin steel pipe and wheel cement pipe.

Due to  its long service life and the twice more rigidity than plastic steel tube, it has the advantages of low cost and never rusting. It is the most suitable substitute for the plastic steel pipe.

It has been widely used in the urban power grid transformation, municipal road construction, electrified railway transformation and highway construction etc.

》Product Performance

Light weight, easy to construct;

Double 0 rubber ring seal, no leaking;

Multi-base compound performance is stable; 

Radiation-resistant, anti-aging, 50 years of service life;

The inner wall is smooth and the friction coefficient is small.

Can be used in -40~130*C;

Good flame retardancy;

Good flexibility, high rigidity and strong load capacity;

Acid and alkali resistance corrosion: no magnetism, no eddy current; 

High thermal conductivity and good heat resistance;

The inner wall has no fiber, will not scatter silk, not card dead cable;

CPVC, PE and MPP are used as lining to improve heat resistance.

》Applied Area

Widely used in urban power grid construction and reconstruction;

Urban municipal renovation project;

Civil aviation airport construction;

Construction of engineering parks and communities;

Traffic, road and bridge project construction city street lamp cable laying, and the guiding and protection function.


CPVC fiber reinforced plastic cable protective tube.

CPVC fiber reinforced plastic cable protective tube.

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