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Modified polypropylene (MPP) protection pipe for power cable

Modified polypropylene (MPP) protection pipe for power cable

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

Modified Polypropylene (MPP) Protection Pipe For Power Cable.

》Product Description

Used modified polypropylene as the main raw materials and adopted special formula and processing technology to make a new type of plastic pipe, which has high strength, strong heat resistance performance, easy to pass the cable through, cost savings etc.

This pipe is widely used as protection pipe for power cable and communication cable, it can meet the demands of the development of modern cities, and is suitable for buried depth in the range of 2 to 18 m.

This pipe is environmental free, do not affect traffic, and have small damage to formation structure. Whilst having remarkable advantages such as safe and reliable construction, short cycle, no need for transportation and stacking of mixed soil, low cost, significant social economic benefit. It can be  applied in several fields.

The modified MPP power cable tube adopted non-excavation technology for construction, which guarantees the reliability of the network tube, reduces the failure rate of the network tube, and also improves the city environment greatly.

》Product Performance

High temperature resistance and external pressure. It is suitable for high voltage transmission cable of 10KV.

Corrosion resistant, light and smooth, widely used in urban power cable, construction and other projects.

The MPP tube does not need to be excavated, the pipe is hot and welded, the welding head is high, and the pipe can be long drawn.

Superior toughness, anti-formation sedimentation and seismic performance.

》Product Advantages

Excellent electrical insulation.

Has high thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance.

Higher tensile and compressive performance than that of the buried CPVC pipe.

Light and smooth. Small frictional resistance, can have hot melting and butt jointing.

Long-term use with temperature -5~900C.

Applied Area

Urban and rural non-excavated horizontal directional drilling cable drainage project, and excavation cable drainage project; Urban and rural non-excavation horizontal directional drilling of sewage pipe project, industrial wastewater discharge project.

Modified polypropylene (MPP) protection pipe for power cable

Modified polypropylene (MPP) protection pipe for power cable

Modified polypropylene (MPP) protection pipe for power cable

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