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CPVC power protection pipe.

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CPVC power protection pipe.

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

CPVC Power Protection Pipe

》Product Description

CPVC power tube is characterized by high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fire retardant, good insulation, no pollution, no aging, light quality and convenient construction.

The CPVC power management system produced by our factory has reached or exceeded the national level of similar products by national building materials center, provincial inspection, identification and certification.

》Product Performance 

Heat resistant performance

CPVC power tube is higher than the ordinary UPVC double wall corrugated pipe, which increases the heat resistance temperature by 15C, which can be maintained in the environment of 93C above, and has sufficient strength.

Insulation performance

CPVC power tube can withstand over 30,000 volts.

The compressive properties

CPVC power tube is modified by material, and the ring stiffness of the product is 10kpa, which is obviously higher than that of the relevant state department for the buried plastic pipe, and its ring stiffness should be above 8kpa.

High impact strength.

CPVC power tube can withstand 1kg heavy hammer at OC temperature, and the medium strike force of 2m height fully reflects that the strike performance of the material in low temperature is completely applicable to the requirements under construction environment.

》Applied Area

Widely used in urban power grid construction and reconstruction;

Urban municipal renovation project;

Civil aviation airport construction;

Construction of engineering parks and communities;

Traffic, road and bridge project construction, city street lamp cable laying, and the guiding and protection function.


CPVC power protection tube.

CPVC power protection tube.

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