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PE/PVC Communication pipe

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PE/PVC Communication pipe

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

PE/PVC Communication Pipe

Product Description

PE/PVC porous plum tube use PE/PVC particles as the main material and other formula through unique mould to form a plum flower form of communication pipe, also called plum blossom pipe and honeycomb, the pipe inner surface is smooth, can wear cable directly, can save time, its structure is reasonable, the using value is high, long life expectancy. It is mainly used as the communication protection cable conduit for Mobile, Unicom, Railcom, Netcom etc.

Product Performance

Complete specifications: a variety of specifications, numbers of holes, meet the requirements for actual operation.

Material: PVC engineering plastics, strong corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, effective shielding signal, long-term guarantee of power and communication engineering stability.

Environmental protection technology: the material chooses pollution-free, recycable material to assure the safe use of product.

High strength: can resist the influence of external forces, effectively protect the light and cable. 

Structural innovation: the inner hole is approximately square, and the effective space is large, so it can be worn by light and cable.

Pipe bit tightening method: the pipe bit structure is compact, the road surface excavation is small, effectively saving the urban underground pipe resource.

Super toughness: it can be freely attached to the construction, and can be easily avoided when encountering obstacles or crossing other pipelines.

Integration: one tube of porous, one - time laying cable, convenient construction and time saving.

Applied Area

Municipal engineering: It can be used for threading and fiber optic cable.

Building works: It is used for underground underground, underground cable, and easy to distinguish cable type.

Electrical telecommunication engineering: It can be used as the maintenance tube of various power cables.

Railway and highway communication: Use as the maintenance tube for communication cable and cable.

Industry: It is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, ring, etc.

Road works: It is used as the ground penetrating effect of railway and highway.


PE/PVC pipe communication

PE/PVC pipe communication

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