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Steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) pipe

Steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) pipe

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

Steel Mesh Skeleton Plastic (polyethylene) Pipe

Product Description

The steel wire mesh frame plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe is a new type of plastic composite pipe which has been improved. The pipe is also called SRTP tube. It is a

Using high strength plastic wire frame and thermoplastic polyethylene as raw material, copper wire winding net is used as the skeleton reinforcement of polyethylene plastic pipe.

The density polyethylene is the base body, and the high performance HDPE modified adhesive resin is used to combine the steel frame with the inner and outer layer of high density polyethylene.

Have excellent compound effect, and have the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe.

Product performance

1. Higher pressure strength and creep resistance.

2. It has the rigidity and impact resistance of the ordinary pure plastic pipe, which is similar to the low linear expansion coefficient of copper tube.

3. Smooth inner wall, no scale, low friction resistance of water flow, high water transmission capacity, and lower energy consumption.

4. Good corrosion resistance, the inner and outer layers of pipes are plastic layers, which have the same excellent anti-corrosion properties as plastic pipes.

5. Light weight and convenient transportation.

6. Using electric welding connection, the construction is quick and convenient, and the joints are not leaking.

7. Due to the composite structure of copper and plastic materials, the rapid stress cracking of plastic pipes was overcome.

8. Good anti-wear performance, 50 years of service life under normal use.

Applied Area

Municipal engineering: urban water supply, heat network backwater, gas, natural gas pipeline.

Used as Technology pipe and discharge pipe for conveying corrosive gas, liquid, solid powder in chemical engineering such as acid, alkali and salt manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber and other industries. 

Oil field and gas field: oily water, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture, two, three oil gathering and transportation process pipe.

Thermoelectric engineering: process water, backwater transportation, dust removal, waste residue and other pipelines.

Metallurgical mines: corrosion medium conveying and slurry and tailings process pipe in nonferrous metal smelting.

Highway: buried drain pipe. Cable conduit.

Marine engineering: sea water transport, submarine pipeline and light (electricity) cable conduit, etc.

Shipbuilding: Marine sewage pipe, drain pipe, ballast water pipe, ventilation pipe.


Steel wire mesh frame plastic (PE) composite pipe.

Steel wire mesh frame plastic (PE) composite pipe.

Steel wire mesh frame plastic (PE) composite pipe.

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